Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I remove the plastic sleeves surrounding the candle?

Yes, these sleeves serve as protection during shipping only.

How do I access the internal storage compartment?

Refer to the instruction leaflet that is supplied with the candle, or alternatively, watch the short video clip on the home page of the web site.

Can I display/use my storage candle outdoors?

No, they are made of real wax and need to be displayed indoors only, away from direct sunlight.

Why has the artificial flame on my remembrance candle stopped moving?

The battery life is low and the 2 x C batteries need to be replaced. Battery life is approx. 400 hours.

Where do I find all the instructions for use, maintenance and warranty information etc?

Refer to the instruction leaflet supplied with the candle and remote.

My new remote doesn’t work?

Check that the small plastic battery tag has been removed from the base of the new remote. The remote works best from a distance to the candle of 5 m or less.

Can I use my remote to operate multiple TRCC LED storage candles?

Yes, a single TRCC remote will operate all of our candles.

How long does the timer stay on?

When you switch the timer ‘on’, the artificial flame will remain on for 5 hours before then automatically switch off for 19 hours. This on/off cycle will then automatically be repeated until the timer is switched ‘off’.

Are all the colour options supplied with the candle that I purchase?

No, only the single selected collar/pedestal colour ordered is supplied.

Is it possible to reduce the overall height of the product?

Yes, you can choose to unscrew the 2 piece pedestal and stand the candle on the metal base plate only.

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