The burning of candles, lanterns or lights has long been linked with death and the dead from primitive times and as we know, many European pagan religions that pre-dated Christianity used candles in rituals to honour the dead. These practices obviously then continued as European cultures adopted Christianity, as evident today by a perpetual light which still burns on Christ's tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The flickering light of a candle is also seen as a simile of human life and its steady glow a symbol of the soul, itself a spark from the never dying flame of the Divine. Candles are also used by some to keep away supposed evil spirits.

The Remembrance Candle Co

Today, the Christian society commonly use candles in worship as a means of decoration, but more importantly, as a symbol that represents the light of Christ. Catholics frequently light candles for their passed loved ones on All Saint's day and many Catholics who visit the graves of family or friends, leave burning votive candles as a token of remembrance.

During the same time, the Mexicans celebrate 'The Religious Day of the Dead' by setting up an alter together with a burning remembrance candle which is surrounded by favourite personal items and food etc.

People of the Jewish faith light a 'Yahrzeit' memorial candle on the anniversary of a passed family member each year and in this instance, the flickering of the flame is believed to represent the soul of a departed loved one and also the 'fragility of life'. etc etc.

As a result, we have subsequently decided to design and manufacture a storage container that would share the same symbolic and aesthetic appeal, so as to encourage more families to store the ashes or special personal mementos of a passed loved one, discreetly in the family home.